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CleanFilter offers high quality analog filters for air
handling units at affordable prices. The most filters we keep in our warehouses
across the Europe to supply them in short terms at low delivery costs. Filter shop operates since 2018.

Why CleanFilter:

  • Probably the lowest prices in Europe.
  • Multiple filter options according to your needs: G4, M5, F7, activated carbon.
  • Professional support: over 10 years in developing HVAC solutions.
  • Filters are tested and certified according to ISO 16890 standard.
  • Manufactured in EU.

Filter quality of Cleanfilter:

  • Testing. The efficiency of filters is determined by testing according to ISO16890.
  • Quality materials. Only certified filtering materials.
  • Complies with the original filter. Filter construction corresponds to the original filter.
  • Long servicing time. Wide filtering surface and quality materials lead to longer servicing terms.
  • Airtightness. The filtering material is bonded to the frame to prevent leakages.
  • Reliability. Filters are made in the EU and correspond to requirements for European climate.

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