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FLEXIT filters with a synthetic frame!

Synthetic frame is usually used in the automotive industry due to the large filtering area, resistance to extreme climate conditions and hygienic properties. Therefore, Flexit selected such types of filters for some of their ventilation units.

  • The same construction as original ones;
  • 100 % moisture resistant. Suitable for humid Europe climate;
  • Resistant to microorganism growth. Synthetic materials do not provide the possibility to grow microorganisms like molds, bacteria, etc.
  • Wider filtering area. Usually, cardboard or metal frame coverts up to 1 cm to the surface in the edges. Synthetic frame leaves this area open for filtration: lower pressure drops= lower energy consumption, longer service time.
  • Resistant to damages. The cardboard frame can be damaged during transportation or accidental drops. The synthetic frame is flexible and does not break easily.
  • Corrosion-resistant. Filters with a metal frame can be affected by corrosion, especially in coastal areas. The synthetic frame will not be affected by air containing chlorides.

Additional bonus: top filtration efficiency. Our F7 filters showed outstanding filtering properties, therefore classified as ePM1 70% filters. Original filters only 55% of PM1 particles and the most analogs – below 40%! Therefore, our F7 filters efficiently captures even smog particles!

F7 efficiency

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