Which one to choose: Original or analog filter?

A lot of our clients ask us why analog filters are cheaper. The others ask about the quality. Let’s dispel common myths:

1. Ventilation equipment manufacturers rarely produce filters themselves. In fact, up to 90% оf them buy filters directly from manufacturers of filters. Filters we sell are used as “original” ones by some ventilation manufacturers.

2. The self-costs of original and high-quality analog filters are similar. The same or similar materials and equipment are used to manufacture these filters. Most of the original filters are manufactured in Central or Eastern Europe because of lower labor costs.

3. There are fewer manufacturers of filtering material than filters. Therefore, quite a lot of manufacturers use similar or the same filtering materials for production. Manufacturers of lower quality filters usually cheat by using lower-quality materials for the frame, using less filtering material or adding less glue to connect the material to the frame. Also, of course, they use less efficient filtering material by using gaps in the old EN779 standard.

4. Some ventilation equipment manufacturers save on filters. Although the cost of filters makes up to 1.5% of the ventilation unit price, some of the manufacturers originally put low quality and/or efficiency filters. Event such brands as Systemair, Zehnder, Wolf tend to save on filters. Good examples might be Komfovent, Salda, Flexit.

5. New ISO 16890 standard makes a comparison of filters easier. Although old EN779 standard (filter classes G3, G4, M5, M6, F7, F8, F9, etc.) was substituted by a new one about 1.5 years ago, the most of cheap filters distributors try to sell less efficient filters by using gaps in this standard. ISO 16890 standard requires to provide tested efficiency of the filter. Manufacturers of ventilation units show classification according to both standards: ea. F7 and ePM1 70%. Here it declares that the original filter previously belonged to F7 class filters particles up to 1 micron by 70% efficiency. Manufacturers of low-quality filters do not test them and shows only theoretical efficiency of material, ea. F7. Read more here…

6. Higher price of original filters is due to longer supply chain… Manufacturers of ventilation equipment pay less for their original filters than most distributors do. But due to longer distribution chain: Manufacturer of filters – Manufacturer of ventilation equipment – Local distributor – Seller, price goes up. Distributors of analog filters pay more to the manufacturer, but also sell directly to the user.

7. … and high-profit margin of distributors and… Quite commonly distributors offer both types of filters (original and analog), but somehow original ones are 2-3 times more expensive. Often, the price difference between original or analog filters is only 10-30% to the distributor.

8. … the greed of the ventilation manufacturers… As competition in the ventilation market is quite high, manufacturers part of their profit tries to get by selling “original” filters. Sometimes they event “threaten” with revocation of warranty.

air filters fair price

We use a fair approach to the business, therefore our goal is to sell high-quality analog filters for lower prices, thus enabling our customers to save and enjoy the fresh air.

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