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TIPS for Summer: Turn off Ventilation Unit or Not

This is a question for a large number of our consumers. Especially in a time of crisis, when declining incomes are forcing us to look for ways to save. Let’s analyze the arguments.

Reasons to switch off HRVU

summer ventilations

1. In summer there is no need for heat recovery(unless in the first days of summer when it was cold 😊). Until mandatory by-pass requirements, some plate heat exchangers temporarily had been replaced with the special summer cassette. The rotor of the rotary heat recovery ventilation unit is stopped.

2. The HRVU uses electricity. Despite modern EC-type fans are energy friendly, electricity costs are quite high. They can be as high as 70 kWh per month, i. about 10-17 EUR, depending on air flow, fan efficiency, intelligent control system operation and of course electricity price. If the filters are dirty, energy consumption may go up 😊 Refer here on energy consumption of ventilation unit…

electricity consumption ventilation
paul novus 300 filter F7 G4

4. The air supplied by the ventilation unit is not comparable with the aroma of the outside air. It is a quite subjective sense, but you will not smell the flowers planted nearby the window through the ventilation system.

fresh outdoor air summer

Reasons to use an air handling unit in summer


1. Insects! Insects do not enter the premises through the mechanical ventilation system. If mosquitoes enter the system, they will not pass the filter…

2. The filter protects against harmful particles:

a. Retains pollen if you use ePM10 (M5) or higher class filter (standard in Komfovent, Paul, Oxigen, FLEXIT HRVU) or at least part of them, even if you use less efficient Coarse (G4) class filter (eg SALDA Smarty, Brink, Zehnder HRVU).
b. Reduces the amount of dust entering the premises through the windows.
c. If the outdoor air quality is poorer and the PM10 or PM2.5 pollution is higher, healthier air is supplied. This is especially important if you live in e.g. to the street, industrial areas, etc. Check the air pollution map for the air quality…

smog lithuania
lawn mower sound

3. Lower noise level. This is especially true if you live near noisier neighbors or the street. Although sometimes an early neighbor with a gasoline lawnmower at 8 p.m. on Saturday morning gets a lot of compliments 🙂

4. More efficient ventilation. A well-designed mechanical ventilation system removes air or supplies it to rooms away from windows. Stagnant air can affect the accumulation of moisture and sequential problems.

moisture molds

6. Cold recovery. If the air handling unit is adapted for this purpose (because condensate forms on the other side of the heat exchanger), the heat recovery unit can operate in reverse when the air conditioner is switched on.

night cooling

The decision is individual in each case. But I, at least at this time when it’s full of allergens, I’m happy with the windows closed and the  Komfovent ventilation unit is working. But some of my friends turn it off until the end of August.

And what do you choose? 🙂 P.S. whatever you choose, you can save on ventilation here: https://cleanfilter.eu/en/shop/


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