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Brink filters

BRINK filters are designed for RENOVENT SKY, RENOVENT EXCELLENT, RENOVENT HR air handling units.
There are 2 options of filters sets of Brink filters:
– Economy set: G3/G4 filter for the extract air and G3/G4 filter for the supply air filtration
– Efficient set: G3/G4 filter for the extract air and F7 filter for the supply air filtration
G3/G4 (Coarse) filter captures larger particles like dust, insects, down, and part of pollens.
F7 (ePM1 70%) filter captures the smallest harmful particles, including all allergens, even part of smog particles. Therefore, it is recommended:
– If you or your family members suffer from seasonal allergies, asthma, or other respiratory diseases.
– If premises are in city centers, near to main roads or industrial zones.
– During the heating season if neighboring houses use solid fuels, especially coal, for heating.
Filters are made in EU and correspond requirements of humid climate.
Filtering efficiency has been tested at an independent laboratory in Germany.

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