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Westaflex filters are designed for WAC 350 air handling unit. The filters are manufactured from analogical materials and by using analogical technology processes as original filters, therefore they match original filters by efficiencies, pressure drop, construction and self-costs. The filter frame is made from moisture-resistant cardboard, which withstands even 100% relative humidity. The filtering material is firmly glued to the frame over the entire surface, therefore harmful particles cannot pass through the gaps in filter construction.
The synthetic filtering material is made by a leading German company. Contrary to the glass fiber filtering media, what is used in most of the analog filters, synthetic material is resistant to accidental damages, can hold more dust and is unharmful.
Analogically as the standard filter’s options for Westaflex WAC 350 air handling unit, you may choose from 2 options:
– Economy set: M5 filter for the extract air and M5 filter for the supply air filtration
– Efficient set: M5 filter for the extract air and F7 filter for the supply air filtration
Lots of analog filters suppliers (especially of Chinese or Polish manufacturers) offer set with 2 F7 filters only. F7 filter on the extract air side unnecessary increases pressure losses and at the same reduces airflow. It leads to increased energy consumption and reduced heat recovery efficiency.
Westaflex filters have been tested in the FIATEC laboratory in Germany to determine their efficiencies and technical characteristics according to ISO 16890 standard. Most suppliers of analog filters provide theoretical characteristics according to filtering material only.
Differently from analog Chinese filters, sold by a lot of companies, our Westaflex filters are made in the EU and adapted to climate conditions and other technical requirements.

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