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Set of panel filters for FLEXIT EcoNordic air handling unit consists of 2 air filters: one for the supply air, second for extract air filtration.

Measurements (mm): 269x242x95. Class F7 (ePM1 55%).

Filters are manufactured and tested according to EN ISO 16890 requirements.



Applicable air handling units: FLEXIT EcoNordic, FLEXIT EcoNordic W4

Quality level: the same quality as an original filter.

Measurements (mm):

  • Supply air filter: 269x242x95. Class F7.
  • Extract air filter: 269x242x95. Class F7.


Manufacturer part numbers

  • ePM1 55% (F7): 117079.

Separate filter sets might be available. Please read more on filter classes…


To the most other analog filters:

  • The frame is made of thick, water-resistant cardboard. Operates even at a relative humidity of 100%. Suitable for humid European climate.
  • Firmly glued throughout all frame areas. Filter construction is airtight and there are no leakages of dust and other particles through connections.
  • Tested according to the new EN ISO 16890 standard. 
  • Filters are manufactured from high-quality synthetic filtering media. Such filtering material is much stronger and damage-resistant. The holes will not appear on the filter, which may let through the dust and other dangerous particles.

To the filters with metal frame:

  • Ecological factor. Cardboard is made from renewable sources that are easily recyclable.
  • Filters are manufactured from high-quality synthetic filtering media. Most of the metal-framed filters had media from low-quality fiberglass. Fiberglass material can be easily damaged by accidentally touching it.
  • Bigger filtering area: lower pressure drops and longer service time.
  • Airtight construction. The filter in the metal frame is usually placed without gluing. Therefore, air leakages of dusty air occur nearby the frame and media connection area.


Packing: filters are packed in a cardboard box for long-term storage in a dry environment.

Filter replacement manuals: click to download…

Replacement period: replacement period of the air filters depends on ambient air contamination. Usually, filters serve for 3-6 months.


Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions27 × 24 × 20 cm

Economy (filtering material 90 mm), Premium (filtering material 130 mm)


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