Wolf CWL 180 Excellent Filters

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Set of panel filters for Wolf CWL 180 Excellent air handling unit consists of 2 air filters: one for the supply air, second for extract air filtration. Filters are manufactured and tested according to EN ISO 16890 requirements.

Available sets:

  • 2x supply air filters: 2x ePM1 70% (F7)
  • Efficient set (recommended): supply air filter ePM1 70% (F7) and extract air filter Coarse 50% (G4).
  • Economy: supply air filter Coarse 50% (G4) and extract air filter Coarse 50% (G4).

Manufactured in EU



Applicable air handling units: Wolf CWL 180 Excellent

Quality level: the same quality as an original filter.

Measurements (mm):

  • Supply air filter: 136x290x5 (wireframe) or 136x290x25 (cardboard frame)
  • Extract air filter: 136x290x5 (wireframe)

Manufacturer part numbers:

  • Filter set Coarse 50% (G4): 1668492
  • Filter set Coarse 50%/ePM1 70% (G4/F7): 1668492.

Please read more on filter classes…

Packing: filters are packed in a cardboard box for long-term storage in a dry environment.

  • Advantages of our cardboard filter: To the most other analog filters:
    • A frame is made of thick, water-resistant cardboard. Operates even at a relative humidity of 100%. Suitable for humid European climate.
    • Firmly glued throughout all frame area. Filter construction is airtight and there no leakages of dust and other particles through connections.
    • Tested according to the new EN ISO 16890 standard. Previous EN 779 expired on 01/07/2018. By not providing data according to the new standard filter supplier misleads the customer.
    • Filters are manufactured from high-quality synthetic filtering media. Such filtering material is much stronger and damage resistant. The holes will not appear on the filter, which may let through the dust and other dangerous particles.
    • High filtering efficiency: ePM1 70% (F7) class filter. Even the main original F7 filters have filtering efficiency of 1µm dangerous particles up to 60%. The most analog filters are manufactured from cheap material, which filters less than 50% of these particles and therefore corresponds to the lower ePM2.5 class.

To the filters with metal frame:

    • Ecological factor. Cardboard is made from renewable sources that are easily recyclable.
    • Filters are manufactured from high-quality synthetic filtering media. The most of metal framed filters had media from fiberglass. Fiberglass material can be easily damaged by accidentally touching it.
    • Bigger filtering area: lower pressure drops and longer service time. In our filters filtering material is 46 mm height, while in metal-framed filters it is usually about 30 mm.
    • Airtight construction. The filter in the metal frame is usually placed without gluing. Therefore, air leakages of dusty air occur nearby frame and media connection area.

Filter replacement manuals: click to download…

Replacement period: replacement period of the air filters depends on ambient air contamination. Usually, filters serve for 3-6 months. Standard settings of the air handling unit are 90 days.

Additional information

Filter set CWL 180

Economy 2xCoarse 50% (2xG3), Efficient ePM1 70%+Coarse 50% (F7+G3), 2xSupply air filters: 2xePM1 70%


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