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Domekt-CF-500-F un RIRS 700 H EKO 3.0 filtri ir pieejami noliktavā!

Upgraded Komfovent Domekt-CF-500-F air handling unit is a contemporary ventilation solution for the residential houses of about 200-250 sq.m or the small commercial premises. Due to its low height (less than 30 cm), ventilation unit ideally fits under the ceiling thus allowing to save space on floor. Integrated pre-heater ensures continuous ventilation even at wintertime. It is ideal solution for renovation projects.

RIRS 700 H EKO 3.0 and RIRS 700 V EKO 3.0 with rotary heat exchanger are more dedicated to non-residential ventilation at cold to average climate zones. Airflow exceeds 700 m3/h at 100 Pa. They are quite long time in the market; therefore, units require renewal. Although heat recovery ratio of these units is quite low (only 73%), but it is recommended as quite reliable heat recovery ventilation unit.

In order to ensure smooth operation of these units, we offer high quality air filters for favorable prices straight from our warehouse 😉

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