Filtri RIS 400 P EKO 3.0, Domekt CF 250 V un Domekt CF 400 V ir pieejami noliktavā!

CleanFilter aims to deliver replacement ventilation filters in the shortest terms, therefore the most popular filters we keep in our warehouse.

RIS 400 P
Domekt CF 400 V

RIS 400 P EKO 3.0 from SALDA is one of the popular ceiling heat recovery units in the market. The main benefit is low energy consumption (SPI=0.23W/(m3/h)), while the most others have between 0.28 and 0.35. Our filters 100% comply with the manufacturer requirements: ePM10 50% filter for the extract air and ePM1 70% for the outdoor air.

Domket CF 250 V and Domekt CF 400 V from Komfovent are designed for the ventilation from a medium-sized apartment to a small house (Domekt CF 400 V – up to 160-180 sq.m and Domket CF 250 V – 80-100 sq.m). The main benefits: high heat recovery rate (up to 93%), low energy consumption (SPI=0.24 ir 0.21 W/(m3/h) respectfully). An integrated pre-heater saves a lot of time during the installation. For these units we keep the most popular sets: 2xM5 (2xePM10 50%) on stock!

RIS 400 P filter

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